Keeping your relationship strong while you are away from each other can be an adventure itself!  I am currently working with an international client who has headquarters in another Canadian City. I travel every week to spend 2-4 days with them, for the duration of this contract.

I love the work I am doing. It doesn’t even feel like work! I also love my partner Hub and I don’t like being away from him. So how do we cope? Here are some of our success factors:


I always check with Hub first, before I accept work that takes me away from him. I make sure he is considered and, if there is anything he has going on, we can co-ordinate our schedules.


We both travel for work and we support each other’s business needs.


We know that our love is strong and that our commitment to each other is a priority.


Before either of us leaves on a business trip, we also make sure that our contributions at home are looked after. We try to spend as much time together as possible when we are home. It’s easy to get busy and wrapped up in your work or looking after the house when you are home for 3-4 days, but we always make time for each other.


We text, talk and/or face time every day.  We let each other know that our flights have landed safely or if there are delays. We also ‘share my location’ on our iPhones so if something happens, we know where to find each other.  On one trip through the Carolinas, I was driving up the coast for two hours on a two-lane highway at night.  Hub noticed that I went off the road and he wanted to make sure I was OK – I stopped at a gas station.


We both pay attention to each other’s business activities; each sharing the highlights or challenges of our day and we also cheer each other on when the occasion arises! Both of our jobs are important and we take the time to listen to each other.


We may leave messages for each other at home or in each other’s suitcase. In the middle of a busy day we find time for a quick hello or text to say hi.  Last week, I was in Montreal and Hub was in Halifax. We just finished a phone call and I was having dinner in my room when five minutes later there was a knock at my door. There he was – this handsome face smiling at me!  It was such a wonderful surprise! He arranged his business meetings at the same time as mine. I felt loved!

We try to join each other at the end of our business trips and spend the weekend exploring the city we are in. Adventure is a big part of our relationship.  We go on 3-4 trips per year – just to be together and keep our connection strong.