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Passionate Thought-Leader, Speaker and Coach

Sandra Moves Individuals From Where They Are To Where They Want To Be

Sandra Leigh combines her passion for helping people realize their potential with her proven ability to guide them on a path to unprecedented personal success. She is able to discover the barriers that hold them back and replace them with actions that are more aligned with who they want to be and what they hope to accomplish. This is a critical part of her clients’ transformation for themselves and their relationships.

Sandra’s Journey

I have spent 25+ years in organizations addressing human behavior in the workplace. I have developed the tools and techniques to transform corporate cultures by working with leaders and employees at all levels. I was exposed to their personal barriers to success and their own happiness on numerous occasions and I realized that I was fascinated with human behavior.

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Based on what I have learned in my professional life, and my own continuous education, I started to look at myself to determine how all of this knowledge applied to me. I soon discovered that as a result of my life’s experiences, I grew up (unbeknownst to me) with a fear of abandonment and betrayal of those closest to me and a subconscious need to be validated by others and know that I mattered. This resulted in marriages ending in divorce, challenging parenting moments with my own children, and an intense journey of self-awareness and discovering my self-worth.

Through all of this, I was able to build strong resilience and resourcefulness, and somewhere deep inside, a belief in myself. Although I have always been confident in myself and my abilities and had great successes in my professional life, I knew I was capable of so much more.

I discovered that I had personal barriers that were holding me back. I decided I was not going to be a victim to my own weaknesses. I made a decision to remove those barriers once and for all and transform myself to reach my own potential.

This sparked a spirit of curiosity to understand why I had those barriers in the first place. I went on a mission to educate myself in the areas of psychology, child development, parenting, human behavior and personal relationships.

I became very curious about the plague of unhappiness in individuals and their relationships and was determined to discover the root of the issue. I wanted to grow into someone capable of a healthy, happy relationship. I was determined to rescue myself from excuses, limitations, and discontent. I spent the next phase of my life learning how to fall in love with the only person responsible for my happiness… Me.

It has ultimately become a strong drive to help others believe in themselves and build lasting and meaningful relationships. I have built expertise in the area of connected relationships on both a personal and professional level. I have developed and tested tools and techniques to help others transform themselves with incredible results. It has been very rewarding to watch my clients evolve and start to reach their own goals.

For many people around the world, the relationship they have with their romantic partner is the most significant one in their life. This is certainly true for me. Yet, approximately 40% of people in a relationship say they are unhappy.

I have spent time with thousands of individuals studying their motivations, experiences, and behaviors in relationships. I began coaching and consulting people all over the world. What I discovered on my journey was that an overwhelming number of people were living someone else’s agenda resulting in unmet personal potential and unhappy relationships. These people often blamed others for their unhappiness and did not have their own identity or believe in themselves.

As of today I have coached more than 9,000 individuals and helped guide them towards reaching their goals.. Once you are committed to fulfilling your own needs and recognizing your own value, the resulting impact flows into every other area of your life. I have been fortunate to witness spectacular transformations all over the globe.

People often ask me what I have learned on my journey. The answer is simple: You must create your own identity before you enter into a relationship.

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