I love the fact that there is absolutely no one else in the world with our exact life’s experiences, successes or failures. We are all 100% unique and we have our own story.  It is ‘that story’ of our lives that has made us who we are. It makes us unique and no one can take that away from us.

So then why do we let others take the lead? Why do we ‘play it safe’ or stand in the shadows?

What if you were the one who could stand at the front of the curve – to know what is coming around the corner – without fear?

Why are we so afraid?  I can tell you that of the 9,500+ people I have coached or worked with – almost everyone is afraid. They are afraid of many things:

  • Failure
  • Looking stupid
  • Making a mistake
  • Being ridiculed
  • Feeling ‘less than’ others around them
  • Losing their job
  • Getting outside of their comfort zone

How do we move past our fears?

  1. Acknowledge what we are afraid of which is often a belief we have about something. For example – believe that if I make a mistake, I will lose my job or others will make fun of me.
  2. Move beyond the fear by walking yourself through it. “What if I tried it and I failed?” “What is the worst case scenario?” Keep asking yourself the what would happen type questions, and continue. As you answer, ask yourself – then what, after that what would happen. It is like peeling away the layers of an onion until you get to the root of your fear.
  3. Know that the world won’t end and neither will you. Have faith and believe in yourself that you can do it – whatever it is.
  4. When you make a mistake or it doesn’t work out as planned – learn from it. Where did it go wrong? What could be different next time? Do no beat yourself up!
  5. Keep practicing, keep trying and keep learning.

Here is a highly viewed video of famous failures – take a look!


The key is to stand in your presence. Let your unique self come out of hiding. Chances are, you will not mess up as much as you think you will and even if you did – it won’t be as bad as you thought it was.

Chances are, you will make a difference in someone else’s life – in either a subtle way or in an obvious way. They will see a character trait or a behaviour in you that they admire. And you may just inspire them to act in a different way that will enhance their life.  You never know.

Rather than focus on you and how awful you will feel if you don’t do well – why not focus on the impact you could potentially have on others? By being your true self, and standing in your presence – with your head held high, projecting your voice and letting your passion and unique self out – you are helping someone else who isn’t at that point.

Stand in your presence and let others see what you have to offer!