A great way to increase your Spark Meter in the relationship is the element of surprise for your partner. I’m referring to loving surprises and not jumping out from behind a door saying ’Boo’!

While I was doing a recent photo shoot, our Makeup Artist, Juanita, was on the shoot with us and shared that she just got engaged the night before.  She was happy and excited for her future. I’m sure she would have preferred to be celebrating with her new fiancé than on a photo shoot with me, but she was still able to focus, proving to be a true professional.




When we arrived at the location for the shoot, we were greeted by her fiancé Gavin who wanted to say “Hi” and give her a hug!  Her heart was pounding and it was pretty special. He was planning to leave, and we were able to convince him to stay.

Our photographer Naomi then called her husband Dave to join us and we ended up having lunch together after the first half of the shoot.

I mailed my beloved a card, set to arrive last week at his office, while I was away on a trip to Africa.

In all three scenarios, the message was the same – you are important to me and I am thinking of you.  

One of the greatest compliments you can pay another person is to simply love them for who they are. We are talking about creating sparks here – so if sparks is your standard, then loving someone is not enough. Expression of love is what is needed.

One way to express your love is to pay attention to what is important to your partner and then do something with that knowledge. Anticipate their needs. I have come home from a business trip to find my car filled with gas and the windshield washer fluid has been topped up or a plate from dinner is put aside for me knowing I will be hungry.

It could be buying them their favourite food or tickets to a show you know they would love. Perhaps breakfast in bed or a weekend away or a foot massage – the list is endless! What types of surprises have you and your partner done for each other? Please share in the comments below and I will post the ideas in a future blog.

Find ways to keep the passion alive by being creative. Something different that will stand out (and you know they will like it). Most times it is the thought and effort we put into surprising our partner that creates the spark. Now I’ve got my own mind thinking of something special I can do to show my man he’s loved! Don’t be afraid to express your love – surprises are one of many ways to do this and watch your spark meter light up!