I want to talk about the female connection between mothers and daughters and how it has helped shape me. I have been blessed with two daughters and two stepdaughters. How did I get so lucky? These women bring so much richness to my life and I am so very grateful for each of them.


My first daughter Jennifer has a wonderful husband and kids of her own, an amazing education (she has her PhD in Health Geography), her career as a social scientist working as a university professor, and is very strong and confident in her values and beliefs.

Our relationship is one of sharing and supporting – as two adult women. I am respectful of her as an independent, intelligent woman. I am always so impressed with her goals, aspirations and ideals in life. She knows me better than anyone else. Our bond is very strong and although I am her mom – we are also friends. She grounds me.

My second daughter Natalie is in her second year of university, studying to be a Speech Language Pathologist for children. She is a competitive dancer and loves being a part of her dance community. She is bright and spirited and energetic and such a pleasure to be with.

Natalie has just moved out permanently. She is transitioning into adulthood and I am working on giving her the space and freedom to do that. Sometimes it’s hard – I want to still hold on to her and do things for her, but I know that won’t help her. At times I feel like I am forcing her out of the nest in terms of learning to do things for herself. She is very good at being both resourceful and independent. I sit back and observe her evolution with a big smile on my face.

Katie and Morgan, my partner’s daughters, bring an entirely new dimension to my life. Unfortunately, they lost their mom to cancer almost 10 years ago and I know there is not a day that goes by that they don’t miss her. They have a wonderful mom, although not physically here, she is very much alive in their hearts and memories.

I am not here to replace that love. I am here to offer them love, support, friendship or whatever they may ask for. And they are both very bright and loving and lovable! These two ladies have been able to create a life for themselves with a big void in their hearts and it has helped that they have a very strong connection to their Dad.

I enjoy our conversations and hearing their perspectives on life. I enjoy watching them grow and evolve. They have accepted me in to their lives and our relationship keeps getting stronger the more we get to know each other.

Daughters are such a gift. The power of female connection is incredible. I am so very fortunate to be able to learn and grow myself from each of these beautiful women. They enrich my life in so many ways and I love them all so very much!

For those of you who are moms or stepmoms,  how have your daughters enriched your life?