December is a month of celebration,
so why not start by celebrating who YOU are?

For some people, it’s not easy to talk about themselves and what their positive traits are. We expect others around us to notice and recognize our efforts and skills and contributions, yet we won’t do it for ourselves!

Why not use the month of December to recognize what you have to offer? Here are two exercises you can do to help celebrate you.

Exercise 1 – Who are you?

  1. Thinking about your job/career – what skills do you use all the time and feel confident in your ability to use them?
  2. How do you like to spend your time – what are your hobbies?
  3. What do people often thank you for?
  4. What are you most passionate about and how do you fulfill that passion?
  5. What are your personal attributes such as your personality, how you treat others, etc.?

Start to create a list of these positive attributes.  Highlight the ones that stand out for you – the ones you are most proud of.

Exercise 2 – Get Feedback

It’s an eye-opening exercise to hear others’ perceptions of you.  You can ask in person or send an email to the people you interact with the most – romantic partner, siblings, kids, parents, boss, co-workers, close friends, etc.

Let them know you are working on a personal development exercise and would appreciate their input. You can ask them for positive comments only on what they perceive your skills, strengths and personal attributes are.

Create a list like you did in exercise 1 and highlight the words that stand out for you.

Put it all together:

Now, create one list of words that best describe who you are. Then think about how you use those traits to contribute to others. How do you make a positive impact in the world?

What are you most proud of?  It is so important to take some time to reflect on this.

I believe we all have a role to play in making the world a better place for others – one action at a time. We all have the power to influence and inspire others. How do you do that?

That is what you celebrate – how you make a difference in the world.

You don’t have to brag about it – just know, in your heart, that you are being genuine, authentic, caring – whichever words resonates with you, when you help or contribute to others.

Each one of us has our own unique gifts to contribute. There is nothing to compare. It’s simply a matter of letting your ow style, beliefs and passion show.

There is only one you.  Know who you are and don’t be afraid to be proud of your accomplishments and contributions.  It’s holiday time – celebrate you!