People often ask me if I’m worried about my relationship – because we both travel.

No I do not – for these reasons – I know who I am, we share the same values, we trust each other and most importantly – we communicate – in a variety of ways.

I have been approached, propositioned and flirted with while travelling.  I have had phone numbers placed in my hands. It’s a non issue for me – because I know who I am. I am in love with my partner and I have absolutely no desire or interest to look anywhere else. I don’t care how handsome or funny or intelligent another man may be – since I believe very strongly in integrity and I have made a commitment to my relationship – I will honor it.

To me, there are two critical ingredients to cheat-proofing your relationship: Integrity and Communication.

When I look up the meaning of the word Integrity – it reads “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.  So it starts with us as individuals. Cheating is a decision and a choice to be made. You can not blame your partner for ‘causing’ you to fool around with someone else. You have to take personal responsibility for that decision. Both partners need to share the value of integrity.

Communication is the second key ingredient. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves and our partners. This means – ask for what you want, speak up when you are unhappy, share your feelings and engage in regular conversation.

In my relationship, we are very inclusive. We know about each others’ friends, hobbies, work related activities and business colleagues. We share this information on a regular basis and when we can, we include each other. We have met each others’ business colleagues, participated in each other’s hobbies and we also continue to engage in our individual passions which keeps us happy on a personal level.

When we are not together, we are often the first and last people we talk to each day. We choose to share our lives together and that means we want to participate in various activities as a couple versus individually.

For us, it works. We are individuals with our own identities, passions and interests first.  We come together as a couple, with the same values, a desire to share with each other and we engage in open and honest communication on a regular basis.  We both know how much we are loved and we find ways to show each other on a regular basis.

When you love yourself and hold yourself to a high standard of integrity – the concept of cheating doesn’t enter your thought process. When you a choose a partner with the same values and you are inclusive and communicative with each other – the concept of cheating doesn’t enter your thought process.

When couples show each other they are loved and appreciated –  then no one else can influence or interrupt that bond.