Uncover Your True Self and Develop A Roadmap To Your Happiness

Sandra provides personal coaching to help you answer your questions and achieve your goals.

Your goals and objectives are personal and unique to you. Sandra works with you to help you begin to build self-awareness around your strengths, passions and ideal life.

Work with Sandra to find out how you can become fulfilled. The outcome is a personal foundation that is unique to you and no one else!

Who are you meant to be?

Sandra can coach you on a variety of topics, including

  • Balancing family and career
  • Pursuing a dream
  • Building a business
  • Dealing with difficult situations at work
  • Improving personal or work relationships
  • Improving confidence and self esteem
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Changing your life
  • Improving your home life
  • Handling difficult family relationships
  • Prioritizing critical tasks
  • Uncovering root of personal unhappiness
  • Igniting personal relationships

Uncovering your Destination:

What is that burning desire that you have kept buried all these years?

  1. If money were not an obstacle, how would you spend your time?
  2. When you stop meeting everyone else’s expectations of you, what would you be doing?
  3. What are you passionate about?
  4. What will stand in the way of getting to your destination?
  5. Who won’t support your journey?
  6. What don’t you have right now that you will need to reach your destination?
  7. What are the fears that hold you back?

When we answer these questions, we begin to understand what are you feeling inside.

Connect with Sandra to build a roadmap to your ideal life!

This personal foundation serves as a guide for any decision you will make throughout your life, meaning that your decisions would ultimately be in alignment with your personal foundation.