Why can everyone else see when a couple is not meant for each other but not the two people involved in the relationship? Or, is the real question, that they do not want to admit it?

Many people are happy with what is comfortable and what they know. Change can be scary. They often know deep down that their partner is not the right one, but they settle.

Would you want your partner to feel that they settled for you versus being passionately in love with you, loved who you are and what you represent and that you complemented them?

Here is a list of common responses I hear:

Your life and your happiness are worth more than just settling!

Some people choose to date just for the fun and experience of it.  It is a way of putting yourself out there to meet people and practice your skills.  It is also a way to meet different types of people to see what attributes attract you.  Others enter into relationships and hope it will work out.

Yes, that is all important; however, you can take a more direct route. It starts with you. When you are content with yourself, you are not willing to settle for the wrong person.

Do you Believe in yourself? Have you defined who you are and what you want in your life?

People who have a solid personal foundation, a vision and a roadmap for their lives, surround themselves with people and situations that align with who they are. In doing so, they attract like-minded individuals and yes, a partner! It starts when you Believe in yourself.