The depth of love I feel for my kids is indescribable. The bond is unbreakable. We have had our moments over the years where we didn’t agree with each other or at times, kept our distance for short periods of time. What we have always had, is the ability to communicate how we feel – positive or negative and above all, the love we have for each other is always strong.

There is nothing I want more than for my kids to find their own path and to be happy with themselves and their lives. I have a unique relationship which each of them as they certainly have their own fascinating personalities.

One of the great pieces of wisdom passed down from my Dad to me was just that. He said that when your kids are young, it can be both frustrating and amazing to watch, because they won’t always follow your advice and they will do things their own way. It’s important to let them become who they are meant to be. My kids are in their 20’s and 30’s and my Dad was 100% correct.

My eldest daughter Jennifer had two eye surgeries when she was under two years of age to correct weak eye muscles. She had another one at 18 years of age and she is in surgery right now, as I write this, having more corrective eye surgery.

The last time I was with her when she came out of general anesthetic was when she was a teenager and had her wisdom teeth out. Under the influence, she was pretty entertaining back then!

She is in great hands with a skilled surgeon and I have no worries. However, as a Mama Bear, I can’t help but feel emotional. The hospital has a great electronic tracking system to communicate through a TV monitor in the waiting room and also by direct text to my phone – where she currently is and what her progress is. I can then send my own updates to family.

6 years ago, when I had surgery to correct a circulation problem in my arm, she was with me. She knew exactly what to do, who to speak to, how to support me and just simply be there.

We have an invisible bond and words are often not necessary to know what we need from each other at precisely the right moment.

Now it’s my turn to be here for her. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I manage my emotions with a green tea and listening to Celine Dion music while I feel the little strings pulling at my heart.

I just received another text to say she is out of surgery and I just spoke to the surgeon. She is good and everything went well. Now I will wait for my next text to let me know I can go in to see her.

As I go in to see her in the recovery room, she is sleeping peacefully, very groggy and she hears my voice. She’s a grown woman with her own family, but she is still my gosling. I sit beside her and talk to her and let her know I am there. She is surrounded by nurses checking her progress post-surgery and I’m there to help when she can’t say she needs help herself.

When her husband Allan arrives, I leave to let him visit as only one person is allowed in immediately following surgery. She is doing well.

I have since left the hospital and have now flown on a plane to Montreal on a business trip. I received updates in the last several hours from Allan. Jennifer just called me to talk about the day and tell me how she is feeling. Aaaahhhh, now I can finally go to sleep after hearing her voice.

Thank you Jennifer Leigh, my first born – for introducing me to the miracle of being a parent.