Do you feel stuck or that there is more to life?

Do you have a general feeling of unhappiness and not sure why?

You are not alone! The majority of people I work with feel the same. That may seem surprising. However, it is a consistent fact. When I ask other coaches if they have the same experience, they say that they do.

What is at the root of this unhappiness? Well, for most people it is an unconscious desire to be accepted. Many of us learn from an early age what we need to do to get approval from our parents. We learn to modify our behaviour to meet their expectations and not have them angry or disappointed with us.

In the process, many of our own needs and wants are buried, and they remain that way. We are so accustomed to living according to what others want from us that we either lose touch with our true selves or we never had an opportunity to develop our sense of self. We conform to what others expect.

At work, we put up with behaviour from our boss or co-workers that we may not like because we need our jobs. We follow our family or cultural or religious practices because that is what we are used to and expected. Some people truly value those practices and choose to continue them in their adult lives. Many people want to find their own path but they are too afraid of hurting others or disrupting the status quo.

Now that we are adults, we find ourselves in a state of discontent. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can take back control of your destiny!

In my own situation, I didn’t agree with the way my family handled certain situations. I didn’t like the way we behaved when there was conflict. I didn’t like the way family members were treated. It wasn’t all bad. There were great moments and there were fun moments. I continue to practice those.

It’s so hard to find yourself when you are surrounded by people who have a different opinion or perspective than you do. It’s hard to find yourself when you are surrounded by strong, opinionated people who try to force their perspective on you.

Take some time for reflection. Write down what makes you unhappy, what changes you would make if you could. Write down what makes you smile, what gives you joy and what gives you energy!

Every time you hear someone else’s voice saying that your ideas are stupid or selfish, shut it down. Focus on what makes you happy.

Many people feel guilty for pursuing their own wants and needs. They don’t want to upset others so they sacrifice their happiness.

The first step is to define who you are, what you stand for, what you want for your life.
I call this building your personal foundation. It is a powerful exercise and it comes from within you.

For those of you who want to get closer to reaching your potential or find more happiness and joy in your life, then I invite you to stay connected as I will be sharing specific tools and a roadmap to help you reach your goals later this year.

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I have witnessed dozens of people build their confidence and take their lives to the next level simply by creating their personal foundation. I have watched them and guided them to stand tall with their head held high and a smile on their face as they live according to who they were meant to be. That’s when the magic happens!