Here is an overview of how to delegate a task that demonstrates an inclusive style of leadership.

Leadership Checklist

  • Explain what you want
  • Explain context – why
  • Discuss and gain consensus on the approach
  • Determine how success will be measured
  • Identify and resolve potential barriers
  • Establish communication expectations on status updates
  • Validate each others’ understanding of what was discussed

 Example – Script

  1. I’d like to talk to you about a task/initiative/something I would like you to please handle and I’d like your input into it.
  1. This what I would like you to do (explain what it is)
  1. This is why it is important (include issues that led up to this decision, how it impacts the project or department or company)
  1. When it is done – this is what it needs to look like (describe final outcome so it is clear (dates, quality, content, involvement of others, etc.)
  1. What approach do you think would work best (encourage your employee to discuss in the moment or come back later with ideas)
  1. (After an employee has shared their ideas) – Please summarize the action you will take
  1. How will we observe the success of this initiative?
  1. What barriers do you anticipate?
  1. How do you want to communicate the progress to me and when?
  1. Please share your understanding of our conversation (what is the outcome we are trying to accomplish, what approach will you use,  how will you know you are on track or meeting expectations, how will we communicate, what are your next steps)?