It’s taken me a long time to get to know myself, learn to love myself, learn not to beat myself up because of mistakes I have made and to simply believe in me. Of course, I wish I had this lifetime of wisdom, 30 years ago! It’s been a fascinating journey with highs and lows and tons of discovery.

We all have our own path in life – we just have to find the right route. Some of my favourite moments are those where I am working with another person and together we discover their uniqueness and their road map to wherever they want to go.

Pretty much everyone I speak to, compares themselves to others. They compare looks, intelligence, accomplishments, body shape and size, hair color, perspectives and the list goes on and on.

What’s interesting to me is that every one of those people has something within them that others wish they had. If we could only harness all that energy we put in to thinking about what we don’t have, in to who we really are.

If we just believe in ourselves more and block out those little voices that try to tell us otherwise. Those are the voices of our parents or siblings or teachers or childhood friends who put their opinion on us. As a child, of course we absorb that and we forget to release those opinions when we become adults. They sit just below the surface where we can’t see them.

Many people have a buried desire within them to pursue a passion that has been burning for years. I often hear statements such as: “I have always wanted to do…..,” “If I had more time, I would……” or “I’d really like to try something different.”

When I ask, why they don’t pursue that dream, the first I hear are excuses, – no time, no money, I don’t know how, it’s just a thought. Then I dig deeper and the next level response is – I can’t, I don’t have what it takes, he/she is better than I am, no one would think I’m any good. The desire continues to burn and you can see it in their eyes – how much they really do want to pursue their passion.

Growing up, my Dad used to call me Sam. He often would say to me “Sam, you can do anything you put your mind to.”. It was that voice, I always heard in my head, when I was going through life’s low moments. It was that message that someone believed in me, that helped me to believe in me. That voice was and still is a guardian angel to me. I always saw the positive in every low moment and pulled myself out.

There are millions of people who do what I do for a living and that doesn’t intimidate me. I am unique in my experiences and my responses, evolution and resulting perspective. Absolutely no one shares my story. It is my story that has made me who I am and I am happy with who I am.

I realized that I could never be truly happy with any other part of my life, until I was happy with me. The best gift I could ever give myself is to simply believe that I’m ok simply because I am me.