Every day I see people who lack energy and enthusiasm. They go through the motions of living and going to work every day. They are not really happy or sad – they simply exist.

I also see people every day who are happy and enjoying what they do. They are self-motivated and fully engaged in all aspects of their lives.

To simplify, the first group I described, have either lost their way or never found it in the first place. The second group leads fulfilling lives.

The fundamental difference between the two is having a sense of purpose. By that, I am referring to something that is meaningful to you – that you are passionate about and know that you are making a difference.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What is it that you keep doing until you can’t keep your eyes open any longer? What do you believe in, so passionately, that no one can dissuade you?

Because I struggled with self-worth for many years and eventually overcame it – I understand what that feels like and how it impacts every part of your life. I had people who believed in me, and I also believed in myself, and that is what got me through the difficult times.

I am accepting of others’ and their choices, but I have zero tolerance for any form of abuse or disrespect. I believe that everyone matters. My purpose is to help people build their belief in themselves and help them create a roadmap to whatever it is that will give them a fulfilling life.

In doing so, I help them realize their potential – whether it is an individual or an organization.

I fought a long and interesting journey to build my personal foundation and lead a happy life.

Because I believe in it so strongly from my own experience, I’ve educated myself about it through research and I have worked with thousands of individuals in similar situations, I know it is possible.

I live my purpose every day of my life. When I am consulting for a corporate client, helping them to change their company’s culture so they can have engaged and happy employees – I am helping that organization achieve its business results through its people. To do that, a large component is looking at individual employees and leaders and helping to determine their strengths and attributes to see how they are or are not aligned with the company they work for.

When I am coaching teams or individuals, conducting retreats and workshops, speaking on stage, posting messages on social media or writing blogs and books, I am living my purpose.

When I work long hours, hold back to back meetings or travel on a regular basis, I am not tired and exhausted. Don’t get me wrong – I definitely need some rest time! I am thrilled because I know I am making a difference by helping people who want what I am passionate about.

There are many resources to help you determine your purpose in life. Sometimes it comes from the pain you suffered at an earlier time in your life. People who were adopted want to help others reconnect with their birth families. People who lived on the streets and were heavy into drugs want to help youth in those situations to get themselves on a better path. Mothers who have lost children to drunk drivers are advocates and fight for tougher drinking and driving laws.

There may not be any sadness or trauma in your life that drives you, you may simply be really passionate about a sport or a craft or the environment or giving back to others through some sort of volunteering. So many of us know what this is while others have a faint idea that may have been buried all these years. Maybe we never had an opportunity to explore our interests. Sometimes it’s just adjusting our attitude or changing our perspective to see the bigger picture of what we are doing.

You can re-energize your life by finding your purpose. You can live your purpose through your career or it could be a hobby that you participate in. You can make a difference and inspire others. It is such a rewarding experience – I encourage you to give it a try!

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash