Here I am, in my late 50’s and I’m excited to be getting married next year!

It feels different this time.  After a lifetime of experiencing heartache and joy, gaining wisdom, personally evolving and finding inner peace – I’m in a good place.

Hub (yes, his real name) is now my fiancé, and I don’t have to call him my ‘partner’ anymore. We both felt that at our age, calling ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t sound right. 

So, Hub and I have been together more than six years, and we are considered common law spouses. I guess it was about four years ago we talked about the future of our relationship. We discussed what we both wanted. There was no doubt that we truly loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

We determined that we are both traditional and we believed in the institution of marriage.  When the time was right, we would get married.

Even though we were both secure in our love and commitment to each other, getting engaged gives us an even more profound sense of commitment to one another. It gives me a sense of safety and security that is so very important to me personally. I know that I can trust this relationship always to be strong in good times and bad.  We know that as we get older and eventually head into the last phase of our lives, we have each other for support. That’s still a long time away.

We really do enjoy each other’s company and look forward to any time that we have to be together.  We have fun. I’m so incredibly grateful to have this relationship as a constant factor in my life, and I know Hub feels the same.

We had choices – we could just get married at city hall and continue as normal or actually get engaged. We wanted it to be special.

It’s kind of funny, even though we knew we were going to get married, we were not officially engaged until Hub asked me to marry him! I guess that’s part of being traditional!

Rather than present me with an engagement ring, Hub wanted me to choose it myself. So together, we went ring shopping. We looked at the four C’s of purchasing a diamond (cut, color, clarity, and carat) and then did our research. We found an amazing jeweler close to our home, who designed my ring once we told him what we wanted.

I saw a computer model of it first. Then, later on, I was able to try it on for fit and feel. Then the diamonds were added, and we were scheduled to go pick it up. A few days before we were going to get it, our jeweler called to say he had a family emergency, he apologized and asked me to come the following week.

“Oh well – I’ll just have to wait.”

A few days later, there was a knock at our door, and I received a delivery of a dozen beautiful red roses from Hub!   When I hugged him and said thank you, he surprised me and proposed! At first, I thought it was just him talking about our future plans, and then he put the ring on my finger.

“Yes! of course, I will marry you!”

I started to cry. Yeah, I’m emotional about something like this that means so much to me. Hub loves me enough to want to marry me – that’s the ultimate spark – the ultimate expression of love to me.

That is typical Hub, arranging with the jeweler to delay the pick-up of my ring, surprising me and doing something creative. We could not stop smiling!  My face hurt from smiling so much. Even after nearly seven years together, our excitement is so strong, and our love for each other is solid.

Now comes the planning of how we want to get married. I absolutely love organizing events, so this will be fun and completely enjoyable.

Some of my followers have asked me to keep them posted on our plans, so I invite you to come on the journey with us which I am calling The Ultimate Spark under my Sparks topic on romantic relationships.

My first blog each month I will share the fun, the planning and the many considerations that we focus on leading up to our special day! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter too using the hashtag #SandraEngaged!