I love February – it is my favourite month. I certainly believe we can find opportunities to create sparks in our romantic relationships throughout the year, however, we certainly can put in that extra effort this month.

Hopefully, we show our partner that they are loved, appreciated and that we are grateful to have them in our lives. To me, that is a minimum standard.

In February, we can create sparks by really making it special. Here are some considerations for you to try and it doesn’t have to be only on Valentine’s Day:

  • Cook your partner their favourite meal
  • Buy their fav wine/champagne, light some candles, play some music and just talk
  • Send flowers
  • Give a massage
  • Go away for a weekend or book one night downtown
  • Buy a thoughtful gift – something that says I’m thinking of you and I pay attention to your preferences
  • Send an ‘I love you’ card
  • Make breakfast in bed
  • Participate in your partner’s favourite activity
  • Definitely make love
  • Go for a walk
  • Tell your partner they are beautiful/handsome
  • Take your partner to a musical, a play, a concert, the movies, etc.
  • Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

For Hub and I, we are creating the ultimate spark – we are getting married on February 9th! Our first date was September 30, 2011 and we have come a long way as a couple in the past 7 ½ years.

There have been some interesting moments as we got to know each other. Especially meeting later in life – each of us having fully lived lives and established habits and routines. We have been able to carve out our own unique lifestyle as a couple. Through this time, we have realized why we have been brought together and how we have empowered each other to grow and evolve as individuals. We are both incredibly grateful for each other and our families.

Our special day is finally here. I am so happy to say that we have crafted a celebration that truly represents our love for each other and one that we hope will provide a memorable guest experience.

The best part of the planning is that we did it together. I find our relationship always gets a little deeper every time we work toward a common goal. We got to know a little more about each other and we had fun. This week, we are putting the finishing touches on and the excitement is building.

Next week I will post pictures and share our special day with you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!