I seem to have a pattern – I have a lot of energy and I can have incredibly productive days – shoveling snow, cleaning the house, attending client meetings, travelling, attending to family and the list goes on. Then my body tells me when it is enough and all I want to do is sleep or sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing! It’s rare for me, surprises those around me and it is necessary.

So now, as I look to next year and start to think about what I can do differently to enhance my life, I have decided to find more peace in my life. I am thinking about what gives me peace, what relaxes me and here is my list:

  • My very favorite activity is to spend time with my beloved, our kids and grandkids
  • Spending time with Hunter – my German Shepherd
  • I love doing puzzles while listening to the ‘Love’ station on Sirius XM
  • Reading has always been high on my list
  • Writing – stories, blogs and books
  • Watching my favorite TV shows (This is Us, Chicago Fire, Stories of Oprah & D.Phil)
  • Watching my favorite music videos
  • Watching movies
  • Playing the piano
  • Listening to music
  • Having a luxurious bath with candles and music
  • Professional massages
  • Going out for dinner
  • Making brunch at home
  • Working out with my trainer Victoria
  • Yes, I do like cleaning and organizing

My goal is to build more time for ‘peaceful’ activities to balance out my life.

Peace, I have discovered, is also a state of mind. I find that when I approach situations with an open mind and I appreciate others’ perspectives, I am peaceful. When I approach life with a spirit of curiosity instead of judgement, I am peaceful. When I simply ‘Let it Be’ and observe instead of putting my own thoughts in to the mix, I am peaceful.

When I am peaceful and calm, it impacts those around me. No one wants to be around me if I am unhappy, stressed out or critical. I don’t even want to be around me if I am like that!

I’m sure it is age, it’s health, it’s loss, it’s life – I simply want to enjoy those closest to me.

Finding peace is easy – I just need to make it a priority.