Standards are the differentiator between an ok event and a great experience. For our wedding, we are striving to create a great experience for our guests and some beautiful memories for us.

Our wedding is 2 months away!

Getting married again, later in life has its own unique characteristics. Some of my followers have asked me to keep them posted on our wedding plans, so I invite you to come on the journey with us.

I believe that creating sparks in our romantic relationships is a minimum standard. As my focus is on relationships with ourselves, our partner or at work, I am naming these blogs ‘The Ultimate Spark’ under my ‘Sparks’ topic in the romance category.

My first blog each month, I am sharing our experience involving two separate families coming together, the fun, the planning and the many considerations that we focus on, leading up to our special day! If you want to catch up on our journey, it started in June of this year, under blogs, then select the sparks category.

It’s all in the details. On our most recent vacation, the lack of staff training and attention to detail or even awareness of guest expectations was almost comical.

On the restaurant tables – cutlery is missing, coffee cups are dirty then replaced with chipped ones. At the buffet, there are large open jars of jam or sauces with nothing accessible to serve it with. We had a leak in our room and it took 4-5 requests to fix it over 2 days before someone finally showed up. There is no sense of urgency. There is limited awareness of what guests expect. The lack of standards and knowledge of the service staff makes the resort just ok.

We’ve been to other properties where everything is a ‘wow’. It’s about knowing who your guests are and anticipating their every need.  That’s how we want our wedding to be.

Of course, we want it to be special and reflect us and our tastes. We also want our guests to enjoy themselves.

We’ve created the program from the time or guests arrive, until they leave. Now we are looking at each detail and each moment – so that it flows easily and creates an environment that is family-oriented, welcoming, fun, elegant and sophisticated.

It’s not difficult once you have the theme or type of environment you want. It’s aligning each moment with your theme. It starts with the venue – we made sure that the one we chose will provide the level of standard, detail and service we want.

Then we look at creating a seamless flow of activities which takes a considerable amount of co-ordination between all the service providers. It’s a celebration and not a conference! Our guests will not be exposed to a long, drawn-out ceremony or endless speeches. It will be fun, heart-warming and very simplistic.

The décor is almost ready. We have engaged some of our family members to help us prepare and decorate and we are super excited to see their creativity in action. Yes we will take lots of pictures to show you!

Everything is almost ready to go. We are working through the finishing touches and ensuring it runs smoothly.  I know from past experience, organizing larger events will never go exactly as planned and that’s ok! We add in buffers of time and create a master plan for all of our service providers and participants.

All we want is a fun-filled celebration where our guests feel welcomed and appreciated and there will be lots of love is in the air!  Stay tuned!