Now, THIS was a fascinating exercise for me, finding out what the key attributes were to a solid romantic relationship. I asked dozens of people at different stages of their relationships and I’m excited to share what they said.

I discovered the following five key strengths to lasting love:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Compromise
  3. Communication
  4. Independence
  5. Common Energy

Acceptance is A Strength of Romantic Relationship

Compromise is A Strength of a Romantic Relationship

Communication is a strength of a romantic relationship

Independence is a strength of a romantic relationship

Common energy is a strength of a romantic relationship

Perhaps it’s time for a refresh – look in the mirror first – at yourself. What might you be doing that is getting in the way of fully enabling these relationship strengths?

Accepting yourself means being honest and non-judgemental when you look in the mirror. That will support you when releasing any clutter in your thoughts, habits or behaviours that may not be serving you or your partner well.

I certainly do refreshes on an ongoing basis trying to identify my own clutter and what I miss my partner is sure to find it for me! With that, our relationship continues to evolve.