Of course there is a connection between being healthy personally and having a healthy love life!

My partner Hub loves to work out – he typically spends 2 hours a day at his fitness club.  He will alternate between cardio and weights and he loves it.  When my schedule permits, I work out 1-2 times per week with my trainer Victoria. I tell her my goals for being fit and she guides me.

Hub has a strong understanding of how to eat well and does most of the cooking at home.  How lucky am I? Eating healthy is important to us, although we don’t do it 100% of the time.

We both feel great when we are feeling fit, healthy and have energy.  I did some research again and also asked people what they do to have a healthy lifestyle and how it impacts their love lives.

This is what I learned:

  • Emotional health is critical. It is actually the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. I have met many people who are stressed out, lack confidence, are sleep-deprived, angry or negative or they are upset about something and have not communicated it and it stays bottled up inside. These characteristics eventually show up as physical symptoms.
  • Diet and exercise have significant impact. People who I spoke to who don’t watch what they eat or drink and never exercise were unhappy with their relationships. Many of them secretly didn’t feel good about themselves and some didn’t want to socialize. This also showed up as a lack of energy and engagement in their relationship.
  • Excessive known toxins become addictions. The common toxins I hear of are drinking excessive alcohol, drugs and smoking. Almost everyone who shared these habits with me indicated it was in response to either stress or it was a crutch that enabled them to be more confident with others (even if it was for a short time). It’s when the effects of the ‘high’ wear off, that they feel lousy and have no desire to do anything. Others enjoy these on a recreational basis and they say it heightens their experiences with their partner.
  • Taking pride in personal image – This one involves how we dress and personal hygiene. I heard both ends of the spectrum – one person would complain that her partner didn’t bother to shower or shave or brush his hair every day. He wore his sweat pants around the house. And at the other extreme, a partner who appreciated that his wife always looked her best, took pride in what she wore, always did her hair and makeup and demonstrated an inner confidence. 
  • Going On adventures together – Lifestyle activities that had a positive impact on relationships included – travelling, going out to shows or to dinner, sports events, hobbies such as camping, hiking, skiing and many others. Couples who had common interests and pursued them together found a deeper connection in their relationships.

Perhaps you and your partner can look at these 5 lifestyle choices and determine how they impact your relationship!