The holidays always spark the emotions

of love and gratitude

for the romance I have in my life.

I love to decorate the house and create an ambiance that is warm and welcoming. I love to sit with Hub, my fiancé, by the fireplace and just be cozy.

I still am surprised, that of all the people in this world, we found each other. I am grateful for every day that we wake up beside each other and he is there. I have warm loving arms wrapped around me and that is my happy place, where I am most content.

I don’t ever want to lose that feeling of being genuinely happy to see each other at the end of a day.

I don’t ever want to lose that feeling of the comfort that exists just by being together.

I don’t ever want to lose the fun and the laughter that is so evident in our relationship.

Our chemistry helps to create all of that and we want to make sure we keep our relationship a priority by honoring it when we can.

It’s the little things, the small moments that do that. It’s up to both of us, to be attentive to those opportunities when they present themselves.

Because I spent a lifetime learning that I do matter, I spend my personal and professional time helping others to know that they matter and to believe in themselves.  I apply this same approach in my romantic relationship.

I can tell Hub how much I love him and appreciate him and that he is a priority in my life – but those are just words. I want to honor what we have by elevating it to a higher standard.

We both have a sincere interest in making each other happy and we do care if we don’t agree on something or experience some type of disappointment. We both want to make it right versus walking away.

It takes work and some intense conversations to decide how we will do that. Especially meeting later in life, we each come to this relationship with our own styles, likes and dislikes.  We had to share those and start to build a new ‘Hub and Sandra’ model.

We have taken the time to get to know each other and be able to anticipate needs. Last week, I arrived home from a business trip, after traveling for 5 hours, I walk in the house and Hub has the candles on, the Christmas trees and decorations are lit, the fire in the fireplace is crackling and I can smell my dinner cooking in the oven.

Walking toward me is a very handsome man who looks good, his cologne smells so good and he has a gorgeous smile on his face. Those arms are reaching to hug me – I’ve got it made! That’s why I feel a magnetic pull to come home every single time I travel.

Hub will get my dinner for me and offer me my fav – Crown Royale Maple with ginger ale. Then he will sit beside me at the table while I eat and we share stories of our day.

I feel loved, cared for and definitely welcomed home. I feel safe and cozy and so very happy. I know that he holds me and our relationship in high regard or he wouldn’t bother to go through all of those little details.

Honoring our romantic relationships is a personal experience – based on each partner’s needs. Just knowing that someone pays attention and makes the effort to show you you are special will keep the sparks alive.

Why not find 3 very specific actions you can do to honor your romantic partner!