What’s your legacy going to be?

What do you want to be known for?

I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people in my life. They make others want to be better. For those of you who want to make a difference, I’d like to share some key success factors.

You can positively impact others by:

Believe in yourself and demonstrate confidence.

People like to follow the lead of those who are confident and have a sense of purpose in their life.  They won’t be convinced of your message or your actions if you are hesitant or unsure. We are attracted to what is meaningful.

There is always going to be someone who shares the same passion as you do. Showing conviction for what’s important to you inspires others to do the same.

Be positive

Positivity is always a strong contributor to having an impact on others. This means seeing the possibilities and opportunities, along with the willingness to stare down barriers and find a way to get past them. It’s focusing on the goodness and the beauty of a given situation.

Be well-spoken and articulate.

This is a core life skill from my perspective. The ability to communicate what is on your mind in a way that is clear and relatable to others makes them pay attention. It helps to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.

Be compassionate and kind.

Showing compassion and kindness is huge! People will avoid you if you are judgemental toward them. Demonstrating concern and empathy encourages others to be more open and communicative with you. Compassion creates a safe place for others to land in difficult times.

Be willing to help others.

There are Takers and Givers. Takers aren’t always aware of their surroundings or the needs of others. They go about their day making sure only their needs get met. Givers are much more inclusive and will always be the ones to hold doors open, share what they have or help without being asked.

Be humble.

No one likes a show-off or someone who takes all the credit for the efforts of others. We enjoy being around people who are proud of their successes without being arrogant or dismissive of others.

Be grateful.

Gratitude is key. We all like to be appreciated and recognized for who we are and what we contribute.  Do you thank people for what they have done for you or show how much you appreciate them just because they are part of your life?

Be Present.

How do you show up every day? Is your look one of casual sloppy or do you pay attention to your clothes and your grooming? Do you smile at others, reach out to them, engage in conversation and show that you are interested and interesting?

A Daily Task That I Give to You

In all cases, having a positive impact on others helps your personal success significantly. More importantly, in my mind, it inspires others to want to improve some part of themselves or their lives.

Having a positive impact on others is being a role model, a leader, someone to look up to and a source of guidance for those who seek it.

Every day, I try to do one activity that will help someone else to feel good, supported or empowered. In all cases, I will pursue my purpose and passion – to help people know that they matter!