There are many ways to keep your thoughts positive – here are some that work:

#1 Believe that you can

It doesn’t matter what others say or feel about your decisions or choices, their comments are merely their perspective. They aren’t you – so how can they possibly know. Try telling yourself these words:

I can, I’ll take one step at a time, this is new for me and I will learn as I go, I’ll keep going until I get there, I need to stumble – that’s how I learn, just watch me!

#2 Visualize your goal

This could be a vision board with pictures and words of what you are trying to accomplish.  Keep them in prominent places to remind you like your home screen or in a frame where you spend most of your time.

#3 Imagine a Stop Sign

This actually works well! I was taught to stop excessive worrying or negative thoughts by closing my eyes and visualizing a stop sign. I would catch myself thinking negatively, see the stop sign, then start thinking about what makes me happy.

#4 Listen to your favorite music

Music for me is always a reflection of my mood. I would play music that makes me feel good to help redirect my thoughts. When I miss my Dad, I listen to recordings of him playing his keyboard, or energetic music that makes me want to move or jazz that puts me in a mellow frame of mind or spiritual music that makes me reflective.

#5 Address the negativity as a separate entity

Be able to identify with your negative thoughts as something that has come to visit and you are not accepting visitors. It’s easier to remove the thoughts when you don’t internalize and think there is something wrong with you – it is this external force that you have the right and ability to accept or reject.

#6 Give yourself a compliment

Remember something you did in the past week that you are particularly proud of. Think about what took place

#7 Remember your purpose

I always go back to my bigger purpose.  Why do I do what I do?  Why do I want to achieve my specific vision? I find it moves me out of the immediate and sometimes trivial worry and focuses me on something much bigger with a significant impact and value for myself and those around me.

I can tell you for a fact, based on hundreds of discussions with clients, you will have significantly less negative thoughts when you are happy with your life. When we have a sense of purpose and we are working towards it, making progress, we feel good and are more inclined to focus our attention on our goals.

We don’t have time to worry or dwell on the negative.  We are too busy enjoying the positive feelings of what makes us happy!

An excellent book to help you find your passion and stay positive: