Both Love and Laughter are good for our health.

Numerous studies have shown that couples in good relationships live longer and are happier. I find that strong communication between two people is a critical component of a good relationship. Now throw in some fun and you take it to a new level.

How do you make room for fun? You may be serious and task-focused and just too busy or you are more inclined to mix leisure time into your schedule. You may need to shift your thinking. What is your mindset when it comes to your relationship?

Here are some ideas:

  • Think about what you love about your relationship and your partner
  • Include your relationship as one of your priorities in a busy schedule
  • You can’t schedule laughter – but you can schedule time together
  • Decide on an activity that you both enjoy
  • Clear your mind of your to-do list and what you are unhappy about
  • Make your intention one of positivity and enjoying each other’s company
  • Make this a complaint-free, criticism-free, blame-free, judgment-free occasion

We know that when as individuals, we can express our true selves, in a safe place, we are being authentic. This is validating and liberating and more meaningful when it happens with our partner. It creates a sense of peace, of feeling loved and an openness in our hearts. This sets the stage for allowing laughter.

Laughter creates an emotional connection

Sometimes, all I have to do is look at my partner Hub, and I start to laugh. It can happen at the craziest moments and we just go with it. We end up feeding off of each other’s laughing and can’t stop.

He can be incredibly funny and doesn’t hesitate to tell a joke, throw out a funny line, wrestle with me or he will just start singing. Just for the record, Hub is not always funny – although he tries! It is his energy, expression and positive spirit that helps to ignite our relationship.

When I think of him, when we are not together, I always smile recalling the last interaction we had.  Most times it is light and fun and draws me closer to him.

We certainly have our serious moments, a conflict to resolve, difficult moments to support each other in and being busy with our own schedules. When we are together, we make time for each other and then we ensure the quality of that time is good.

I can definitely say love and laughter are the hallmarks of our relationship. Together they give me wings. I feel like I can soar. I know he is there when I fall and otherwise – it’s just a happy place to be.