I knew our honeymoon would be fun and adventurous.
I didn’t know it would be as spectacular and breathtaking as it was!

We both love to travel to places we have never been before. We wanted this trip to be special, so we chose Australia and New Zealand. Our honeymoon began with 2 days in one of our favourite cities – Vancouver and we left on Valentine’s Day to travel to the South Pacific.

We did so much, so we thought we would look at it by the numbers:

Countries visited           3

Cities/Towns visited    12

Airlines Flown                4

Helicopter Trips             2

Boat cruises                    2

Flights                            13

Airports                           9

Hours in the air            57

Hotels                           9

Bottles of Champagne & wine received from the hotels     5

Distance travelled  48,268km

Friends/relatives visited  4

Concerts attended         1

# days travelling           22

Every place we visited was memorable – in Australia: Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, Cairns, Kangaroos in Mareeba, the Daintree Rainforest, Port Douglas, The Great Barrier Reef, The Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise, Melbourne and in New Zealand: Auckland, Devonport, Queenstown, Milford Sound.

My cousin Pat and her husband Gary were gracious hosts in Mareeba, showing us the sights and introducing me to my first meet and greet with kangaroos! Pat’s daughter Kerry and her husband Edward have a sugar cane farm – it was incredible to see. They also grow a higher quality mango and Kerry made us Bellini’s with champagne and mango – delicious!

We visited friends of Hub’s from Chesterville – Ron Merkley and Margaret McDonald. They hadn’t seen each other in 45 years. We enjoyed dinner at the Skycity Casino in Auckland, NZ.

Hub’s nephew Brent Holmes and his girlfriend Margaret Prince live in Kingston in the South Island of New Zealand. We spent a few fun-filled days and nights with them, exploring Queenstown, dining at the top of a mountain and just hanging out.

We stayed at some beautiful hotels with swim out balconies, oceanfront views, and stunning décor. Because both Hub and I are frequent guests of the Marriott group of hotels (Marriott, Sheraton, Westin and more) and it was our honeymoon, we were always upgraded to some amazing rooms and suites. We received personalized welcome notes, congratulations on our honeymoon, bottles of wine and champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese trays, tons of treats and even a box of hand creams.

It really does make a difference when you are staying in a beautiful room at a resort property with attentive service. I have always loved travel and so has Hub – I certainly met my soul mate! Resort hotels, different airlines, experiencing new airports, exploring new cities – it’s all fascinating for both of us.

Flying over the Great Barrier Reef was just amazing – the views and the colours were incredible.

Snorkeling at the Agincourt Reef on the outer bands was an experience – I don’t like swimming with fish – but I went anyway because Hub loves it. He definitely stayed in the water longer than I did!

The real ‘spectacular’ moments came from my husband. Hub initiated many of our adventures.

My fav moments were flying over the mountain ranges in New Zealand – never knowing what is on the other side – more mountains, glaciers, bodies of water, patches of flat land and definitely landing on a glacier, 8,000 feet high. The views were breath-taking and we were sitting next to the pilot who was able to fly into narrow passageways and valleys. I just kept saying wow – it really was unbelievable.

We drove, flew or took ferries to interesting and fun places. Hub did all the driving, on the left side of the road, and in some cases, on very narrow and winding roads with no shoulder. Thank you Hub! We tried to go for a hot air balloon ride in Melbourne, but the weather wasn’t creating the ideal conditions, so we couldn’t go.

We were fortunate enough to have success with a last-minute spontaneous opportunity in Melbourne. At 7pm on our last night, we learned that The Eagles were playing at the Ron Laver theatre. We went on line and were able to find excellent tickets. Someone had bought them for $400 each and unable to go so they resold them. We bought them for a fraction of the cost. The concert was fantastic. It was not a promotional tour – there were no new songs or albums. It was a tribute to the Eagles founder – Glenn Frey, who passed away in 2016.

Glenn’s son Deacon Frey, played guitar and sang in his place. It was actually quite emotional. Also joining the Eagles on this tour was Vince Gill, the country singer. Both were excellent additions to the rest of this iconic band. They played for 2 ½ hours straight. It was a fantastic concert.

The boardwalk of Sydney, the colours of the Great Barrier Reef, the Riverwalk in Melbourne, the natural beauty of New Zealand, the incredible hotels and superb food and service on our flights all contributed to this adventure.

THE very best part was that I got to spend it with my funny, handsome, loving and adventurous new husband. He really went out of his way to make this a very special trip and we have created memories that will last a lifetime!