I have ‘hit a wall’ on many occasions – those moments when everything just stops. I was making progress, moving forward toward my goals and something happens that requires my attention.

My focus shifts elsewhere and my progress stops dead in its tracks.

Then there have been the moments when I thought I wasn’t seeing the results I envisioned and I had reached a plateau. Nothing was different. Nothing was changing.

In both cases, a problem presents itself or I’m just not getting the results I wanted –  I have a choice.  I can be like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and hang my head, be negative and feel sorry for myself or I can look up instead of down.

I have been blessed with a positive outlook on life – so my thoughts are typically – “I’ve got to deal with this situation” or “What am I going to do about this?”

I have always believed that there is a way out of any situation.  I have never once thought my life is a disaster.  My circumstances were lousy, but not my life.

I also believe that we attract situations that we need to deal with in our lives.  Sometimes we attract a similar scenario over and over until we have learned to overcome it.

If I found that I have plateaued or had a rock thrown in the middle of my path – it forced me to look in the mirror. I look at all of the contributing factors including the situation itself, others and myself.  I have learned to become less impulsive and more thoughtful in my approach.

For me, the secret to staying motivated is to revisit my goals. This is my thought process now when I am not realizing success:

  • What was my original goal? Does it still apply?
  • What is the roadmap I am using to get there? Is it still the right route?
  • Have I done all that I can do? Have I followed through and held myself accountable?
  • Do I have the knowledge or skill to move to the next step? If not, where can I get help?
  • I then revise whatever is needed – my goal, my roadmap and I get the resources I need to move forward.

My motivation is having a vision for not only the end result, but also the journey to get there.

My roadmap provides the steps I need to take, and I do take time to recognize my effort along the way. I don’t beat myself up because I’m not at my goal yet – it’s a process, and I treat each step as an accomplishment. That way, I enjoy the journey as well.

I also like to surround myself with supportive people or other resources that have similar perspectives.  It’s really hard to pursue your goals when the people around you don’t agree or they project their own view and try to influence you to do what they want – not necessarily what you want or what is right for you.

Everyone’s goals are related to who they are as individuals and the steps they take are based on their capacity. I continue to believe in myself and work toward my goals.  I now have a solid foundation in place and I work with a terrific team who have the skills to help me and a supportive inner circle. I’m loving the journey and the best is yet to come!