Does it always have to be so serious?

Yes, life is busy – but at the expense of laughter and fun?

I love it when my partner and I have a laughing fit together.  Someone says something that, in the moment, is so funny, we can’t stop laughing. It just feels so good to laugh together.

We like to intentionally engage in fun activities that we both enjoy.  Every couple is different, of course, and maybe you have just been too busy to find time to have fun. You may even have to schedule in some time – just for the two of you – without any external influences. No excuses.

It will only work if you truly believe it is important for the well-being of your relationship. If you participate because you feel obligated – it likely won’t be much fun. So, the first step is to create the time and space.

So, what do you do during that time?

It may be helpful if each of you makes a separate list of fun activities you would like to participate in. Then compare your lists and see what you had in common. You can even participate in a fun activity that your partner prefers – and put in your best effort and a positive attitude.  Who knows – you may end up having a great time!

I love this Lifehack post – 18 ways to bring more fun into your romance. There may be some ideas in here that resonate with you. 18 Ways To Bring More Fun Into Your Relationship by Lori Thayer

Sometimes, fun is just doing nothing. It’s enjoying each other’s company. I am always happy to simply be in the same room as my partner. It’s creating interesting or fun conversation. I love to use conversation cards – to ask my man his perspective on a variety of topics. I am creating my own set of convo cards that will be available later this year. They will include fun and interesting topics to prompt conversation and perhaps even some laughter.

In the same way, you make time to go to work, do the grocery shopping or pick up your kids from school, I encourage you to build in fun time together. Please feel free to share your ideas with other readers on my Facebook page – we’d love to share the fun!