How many times have we admired others from a distance?

We applaud their courage. Watch them achieve great things. Yet, we are secretly jealous of the life they lead. We feel disappointed that we don’t have what they have. We can have more – if we stopped sitting in the back row and watching the world go by.

It’s time to get moving!

Step out from the shadows and engage in your life!

I remember when I was in my 30’s and I would see women dressed in a way that made me say “Wow!” – either in a beautiful dress that one would wear out to dinner or a business look that was just so impressive to me. I never thought to dress that way – then I shifted my thinking and said, “Why not?”

I started to slowly change my wardrobe. I wanted to look and feel good to the best of my ability and body type. I set my sights higher for myself. In that moment, I developed a standard for myself that I continue to use in my life today – and that standard is – it has to be a “wow” for me. If it’s just OK – then it’s not worth putting my time, energy or $$ into it.

I have never been one to settle for mediocrity (just ask my kids!). I believe in always trying to be the best you can be. Yes, I have had and still do have, moments where I just sit still and don’t push myself. The authentic me is someone who wants to do more and be more. I will always find my way back to taking myself to the next level.

I chose to sit in the front row of my life. I chose to put myself out there – outside of my comfort zone or of what I was familiar with. I am happiest when I’m learning, feeling loved and participating in new adventures. I want to see for myself. I want to experience. I want to participate, and I can only do that when I move from the back row to the front row.

A simple example – my fiancé Hub and I were in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico at a resort, listening to music and watching the dancers. We sat in the front row. One of the male dancers approached me, inviting me to dance with him – I looked at Hub, he smiled and encouraged me to go up. It was so much fun and an experience I still remember with a smile on my face. I could have declined, and he would have asked another guest to dance and I know I would have regretted it.

I told myself – why not – just go with it and enjoy. Whether I got the actual dance steps correct or not – it was the experience and the spontaneity of the moment that appealed to me. And, the best part – I just created a new memory.

How do you engage in your world? Do you prefer the status quo – following the same routine each and every day?

There are many people who prefer a safe and predictable lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with that. For those people, how are you being the best you can be living within your comfort zone? How can you be even better than you were yesterday?

Maybe it’s exploring a new idea that appeals to you, then slowly putting it into practice. Or changing up your routine to do something different that you are still comfortable with.

Or you are the type of person who is always looking for something new and exciting. You are likely inclined to seek out opportunities to engage in different activities.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. You can either be oriented to “No way!” or “Why not!’

For those who choose to sit in the front row of your own life, you open your eyes and observe your world from an entirely new perspective. There are no limitations or preconceived expectations or judgments on yourself or others. You are free to just be.

It’s like when we go on vacation. I know many people who just relax and have a good time and behave in fun-loving ways they would never do back home. So, my question is, why not apply that same thought process in your everyday life?

To me, life is about making memories – creating moments to fill my soul and make me smile. This is why I choose to sit in the front row of my life!

What row are you sitting in?