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Creating Sparks, Keeping Romance Alive

Create Sparks, Reignite Your Relationship

Reigniting Your Relationship

Many individuals and couples I speak to share some common issues: We’ve lost our connection, our relationship is at a standstill, we love each other but we’ve fallen into a routine, we don’t communicate very much anymore. Does any of this sound like your relationship?

Numerous factors contribute to the state of a couple’s relationship and changes in their communication patterns. Many couples struggle to find time for one another due to a myriad of responsibilities, which may cause them to settle into a routine that all but cancels out the connection that brought the pair together in the first place. Sandra will coach you and your partner on your communication styles, strengths, passions and life goals.

Sandra’s Couples Development Program Sparks will help you gain clarity into your partner’s thought process and love style. This program helps you and your partner build self-awareness on how you present yourself every day, build a ‘spirit of curiosity’ about each other and lay the foundation for a more connected relationship.

Depending on where you are at in your relationship, Sandra offers two levels of Sparks:

Getting Connected

Sandra helps you learn about your relationship through a variety of fun and thought-provoking questionnaires and exercises. You and your partner will gain insights into your relationship’s strengths and opportunities being able to develop a relationship plan for a more fulfilling connection. Sandra’s Getting Connected Program gives couples the opportunity to strengthen their communication tactics and grow together as a unified pair.

She shares and coaches you through your challenges and relationship hurdles so you can overcome the lull and Ignite the Spark that keeps you together and allows your relationship to thrive. Discover exciting ideas to make your partner feel special and increase the voltage… your relationship is worth it.

Creating Romance and Intimacy

Romance, trust and intimacy are built over time with someone you love but can be lost to the stresses of everyday life. For some, it is an activity that makes you feel loved and protected. For others, it may be giving a gift or sharing everyday duties with your partner. Romance and intimacy are built over time and trust with someone you love but can be lost to the stresses of everyday life. Let Sandra help you and your partner connect and bridge the gap of communication allowing you to become reengaged in romance on a deeply intimate level.

Your romantic relationship is meant to be fulfilling, exciting, and authentic to your truest desires. Join Sandra as you and your partner are encouraged to explore different opportunities to increase romance and intimacy in and outside of the bedroom. You and your partner will experience new heights of communication, paving the road to new avenues in intimacy.

Keeping the spark between you and your partner is one of the most essential elements in building a lasting, fulfilling relationship. Sandra shares with you exciting and unique expressions of commitment, the importance of sharing intimacy belief systems, and gives you opportunities to create and discuss your romantic preferences with your significant other. Connect with Sandra to begin your intimate adventure!

Sandra’s Couples Research

Sandra is always conducting research and learning couples’ perspectives. We invite you to participate.

Please click here to complete a Couples Exercise. Your data is anonymous and will join thousands of other couples’ responses in order to answer some of our biggest relationship questions.

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