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Believe: In Yourself, In Others, and in Life’s Possibilities

At least 80% of the people Sandra has encountered in her career are living their lives according to someone else’s agenda and they are unhappy. Join Sandra as she gives you the tools to transform every area of your life and discover who you were truly meant to be.

Sandra shares valuable insights and practical strategies to turn negative situations into opportunity and empowerment. Sandra helps you identify obstacles that prevent you from becoming who you truly are.


  • Discuss Sandra’s belief that we all have greatness inside us that can get buried as “life happens”
  • Discover why we become unfulfilled and are unsure why
  • Uncover your buried goals and join Sandra to create a roadmap to achieve them
  • Become re-engaged in your life, work, your partner, and your relationships
  • Discover your sense of purpose and direction that has a tremendous influence on those around you

Sparks: Reigniting Your Relationship

Numerous factors contribute to the state of a couple’s relationship and their communication patterns. Many couples struggle to find time for one another due to a myriad of responsibilities and settle into routines that leave no room for intimacy and romance.

For many people, the most significant relationship in their life is their romantic one. Join Sandra as you discover how to reconnect and re-engage with your partner.


  • Determine what you really want and need from your relationship
  • Analyze your own behavior and contributions
  • Learn how to understand your partner’s perspective
  • Build a Relationship Roadmap that you both will enjoy
  • Discover how to take your romance to the next level

Looking For Love

Many of us have gone through life feeling that love is all around us and yet somehow just out of our reach. Why is this? What is happening in our lives that leaves love just out of our grasp? How we view love is shaped by our belief systems and helps define not only who we are, but also who we attract. In Sandra’s Looking for Love series, uncover the nature of love as Sandra gives you wisdom and tools to attract a confident, nurturing, and worthy partner.


  • Discover how your beliefs about love can lead to failed relationships
  • Analyze your role in the process of finding a partner
  • Discover how to put yourself out there
  • Learn the key ingredients to attracting the kind of love you want and deserve
  • Recognize all of the attributes that make you a valuable and worthy partner

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