There we were, Hub and I enjoying the opportunity to be together, uninterrupted at the very beautiful Dreams Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I don’t know about you, but when I go on holidays, I like to enjoy myself, completely relax and do something fun and spontaneous.

I must admit, anytime Hub and I are together, it is pretty much fun and spontaneous!  Being in a tropical paradise, for me, adds an element of seduction. We spent our time enjoying each other’s company, laughing, trying out all the restaurants, swimming, having a few drinks (neither of us drink very much and definitely do not need alcohol to have fun), definitely creating opportunities to be intimate and just doing what we wanted, when we wanted, without a schedule or restrictions.  It was a fantastic holiday.

In the airport, waiting to board our flight home, we were discussing all the memories we just created and Hub told me I should write a book on how to turn a man on! I laughed and told him he can certainly contribute some of those chapters himself on how to turn a woman on.  Then I said, let’s do it! And the concept of ‘Sparks” was born at that moment!

Together we discussed what each of us did for the other to create Sparks, why it had the impact it did and how do we maintain that.  Right there I drafted chapters.  All of this was done on the back of two boarding passes!

I went home and story boarded the idea – placing sheets of paper around my office, using Post-It notes to identify each chapter and then the concepts we listed on the boarding pass to represent content for each chapter.

I became very energized by the topic, because relationships are very important to me. My minimum standard is one of deep connection, mutual respect, and ensuring you show your partner on a regular basis that they are important to you and loved by you.

The core of Sparks was complete.  My next step was to go out and research to validate my message.  I brought in all my data from years of coaching others, conducted interviews with individuals and couples to find out what was important to them, how they kept the spark alive in their relationship and what was missing that they would like to change.

I also researched experts in the field of relationships with my favorite being Dr. Helen Fisher.

This topic is huge and I have not met one person who has said they are not interested in making some type of improvement to their relationship.  All of this has been put into a handful of chapters in my book entitled Sparks, Reigniting Your Relationship – due out this year.