Music fills my soul.  Being in love fills my soul. So, naturally, I like to bring these two together.

I have my favorite lines from love songs and when I gather them all in one place they tell me a story and I learn what’s important to me.

Here they are:

Words are always subject to interpretation.  When I look at the lyrics that resonate with me, it is clear what I value in a romantic relationship. It’s finding the right partner with whom you have strong chemistry, it’s commitment and a true connection.

Some people like to meditate to find peace or relax.  I love to listen to music that means something to me. There are so many songs I enjoy and I’ve shared a few of them. They are my form of meditation. They make me smile.  They remind me of what I appreciate in a relationship and that I don’t ever want to become complacent. Relationships require a consistent and genuine effort and music supports my efforts to keep mine strong.

What’s the soundtrack of your love?

Interested in listening to these songs in full? I’ve created a playlist of them on my YouTube channel for you. Just click play below!