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Transform Corporate Culture and Build Relationship Intelligence at Work

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Transform Corporate Culture and Build Relationship Intelligence at Work

Sandra Leigh On Sustainable Relationships

Identify the Key Ingredients to Having a Successful Culture

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Individuals, businesses and associations have called upon Sandra’s remarkable knowledge to move their organizations and individuals to higher levels of achievement.

Sandra specializes in corporate culture transformation and developing the unique leadership traits required to engage todays changing workforce. Over the span of her career, Sandra has developed and implemented every aspect of transforming organizational culture. She has worked with over 9,000 individuals internationally and has been instrumental in helping them discover new strategies to personal and organizational success.

Sandra delivers insightful keynote speeches which energize audiences around the world. Every keynote speech is fully customized to the client and their organizational situation. Connect with Sandra’s team to discuss any of the following keynote speaking topics that will best meet your requirements.

Speaking Topics

Inspirational Leadership

Applying Relationship Intelligence to be the Person Others Choose to Follow

Inspirational Leadership is all about getting work done through other people, whilst helping them to reach their full potential. Your success in inspiring other people requires Relationship Intelligence, the ability to cultivate human networks and communicate, persuade, and lead others by being able to focus on what is important to them. Relationship Intelligence provides the foundation for recognizing others’ strengths, aligning your personal style to others’ perspective, and offering challenges to develop them.

Sandra shows you how to apply Relationship Intelligence to inspire others toward shared goals and be the person that others choose to follow. Learn the skills to:

  • Define your success in a way that everyone can make their own unique and valued contribution
  • Recognize when change is needed, question established ideals and initiate new ideas
  • Realize when a situation is heading towards conflict and take quick and decisive action to resolve it
  • Cultivate an extensive network of colleagues, customers, and acquaintances that has mutual benefit

Relationship Intelligence

Turning Generational Diversity into Organizational Advantage

Organizations are in transition. Four generations now constitute the workforce, creating the most diverse business environment in modern times. Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y each bring their own belief systems, work ethic, expectations, values and personal style to the role of customer, leader and employee. Maintaining a healthy, productive work environment and achieving business results depends on the ability of your people to recognize the different perspectives of each generation and apply Relationship Intelligence to modify their personal style accordingly.

Sandra’s proven Relationship Intelligence method provides organizations with the strategies, tools, and best practices to align diverse generational perspectives and delivers a one-company vision.

  • Learn the fundamental attributes that drive Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y to be successful.
  • Master the leadership practices that create respect for experience, communicates value effectively and nurtures empowerment and independence within a structured, productive work environment.
  • Create a Relationship Roadmap for customers, management and employees that leverages differing generational perspectives to achieve business results.

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